Elder Abuse

Stephen F. O’Neill, Esq. and Margaret S. Flynn, Esq. have successfully handled to resolution many cases arising out of the physical and/or financial abuse of elders and dependent adults by nursing homes, residential care facilities, in-home care providers, family members and governmental agencies. 

Mr. O’Neill and Ms. Flynn have successfully litigated cases demonstrating the many forms that physical abuse and neglect can take, including poor skin care and allowing bedsores to develop, failure to prevent falls or other injuries, inadequate food or hydration, unrelieved pain, and overall failures to provide care such as by not responding to call bells, and neglecting to assist residents who need help with eating or hygiene.

Mr. O’Neill and Ms. Flynn have also successfully litigated cases arising from financial abuse, including the highly publicized Greene v. County of Sonoma, in which an elderly gay couple were removed from their home against their will by county employees and placed in separate care facilities, and their personal property was sold.

They have obtained significant financial recoveries for clients who have suffered abuse and neglect. In many instances, these damages have been paid to the surviving heirs of deceased elders who suffered abuse or neglect, inasmuch as California law permits the recovery of damages even after an abused elder dies.

Both attorneys are on the attorney referral panels for California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANHR) and the Sonoma County Council on Aging.

These attorneys are sensitive to the difficulties and confusion facing friends and family members who wonder whether their loved one is receiving proper care, and they will take the time to answer questions and address concerns.