Tarkington, O’Neill, Barrack & Chong provides employment litigation services to a wide variety of clients including municipalities, educational institutions, and many types of public and private businesses, both large and small.

Representative cases cover the spectrum from wrongful termination, to discrimination, harassment and retaliation, to fiduciary duty and non-compete.

The Firm performs its employment litigation services in both state and federal courts, and has extensive experience at both the trial court and appellate court levels. 

The attorneys in the Firm focus on developing an understanding and assessment of each case in its initial stages. This enables them to advise the client of the available options and appropriate strategies for the particular case, each with its attendant costs and timelines.

Alternative dispute resolution plays a large role in employment litigation, primarily because of each parties’ concerns about the cost and uncertainty of proceeding to trial. In this regard, the Firm’s attorneys have significant experience, and obtained many favorable resolutions for clients, in the mediation and arbitration of employment disputes.

But not all cases are resolved through ADR and some must be tried. In those instances, the advantage offered by the Firm is that the attorneys who take the cases to trial are also the ones that develop and conduct the discovery and pre-trial phases of the case. They are therefore able to focus the discovery to obtain the necessary evidence for trial and utilize appropriate pre-trial procedures to streamline the case for trial. This approach results in more efficient, effective and economical handling of the case from inception to trial.